The 27th Annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair

Jan. 12, 2001 - Jan. 14, 2001

The weather this year did not promise good collecting. There was little or no rain in December. We finally got a good rain storm the Monday before the fair, but everyone thought that was too little too late. Remarkably, the final species count was quite respectable with some new records many of which were probably due to the unusual weather.

The fungus fair display, was organized into groups of related fungi based on our best understanding of those relationships.  This was a far more useful and interesting way to present the mushrooms than the alphabetic sorting we have used in the past.  In particular, it showed the current understanding of the evolutionary connections between the organisms on display.

Fair Species List - This is a list of the 226 species identified during the fair.  Most of these species were displayed at the fair, but some were not in good enough condition to be displayed. 36 names were used for the first time this year.

Genus to Table List - This table lists where each genus was displayed during the fair.

Table Taxa List - This gives the taxonomic tree that was used for naming mushrooms and laying out the fair.

Table Text - This give the text that we displayed at each table and sub-table.

References - Most of the taxonomy used is based on:

Hawksworth, D.L., Sutton, B.C. and Pegler, D.N, Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, 8th Ed., 1995, CAB International.

The genetic information used for changes to this taxonomy and for laying out the species in fair comes from:

Moncalvo, J.-M., F.M. Lutzoni, S.A. Rehner, J. Johnson, and R. Vilgalys.  2000.  Phylogenetic relationships of agaric fungi based on nuclear large subunit ribosomal DNA sequences.  Systematic Biology 49:278-305.

which is available on the web at:

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