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The oldest writing on a specific species of fungi was published in 1564 by a Dutch botanist and Renaissance man. His name was Aadrian DeJonghe, which he latinized to Hadrianus Junius.

Portrait of Hadrianus Junius

(image provided by the Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren.  See http://www.dbnl.org)

The species was a stinkhorn common in the sand dunes of the coast of The Netherlands. It later was given a name honoring Hadrianus, Phallus hadriani Vent.:Pers.

(image Copyright Michael Wood.  Used with permission.  See http://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Phallus_hadriani.html)

Hadrianus' original Latin is florid and quite demanding, befitting the writing style of his time. It was my good fortune to learn from Christian Volbracht of the existence of a Dutch translation published in 1906. It was kindly translated into English by Pam and Tom Kayser. Finally, a modern English translation is provided which has been lightly edited to be more readable and which the includes a number of interesting comments that somehow got `lost' in the Dutch translation.

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Elio Schaechter
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Original Text and Translations
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English Translation of the Dutch
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